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To many people, Fleetwood Mac is synonymous with one name: Stevie Nicks. And while her talent as a singer, songwriter, and performer are undeniable.. there is another name that comes to my mind... Lindsey Buckingham. This video is a spectacular showcase of his prowess as a vocalist and musician.. and proves that he only gets better with age. His voice, once high pitched and at times almost feminine, has gained a deepness to it that does far greater justice to his songs than ever before. Those people who only bought the CD are missing out on the best song of the set: "Go Insane" (one of five songs not included on the CD). Originally a dance track from his 1984 solo album of the same name, here it is stripped down to expose the heartache that was once hidden behind catchy beats. It is just him and his guitar and it will leave you breathless. Other stand out performances are "The Chain", "I'm So Afraid", "Bleed to Love Her", "Big Love", and "Go Your Own Way". It is easy to see why Buckingham's fans, and even many people who dismiss Fleetwood Mac as pure pop, consider him to be one of the greatest and most underrated guitarists alive today

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