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Fuckin' day Lyrics. Music, Mp3 Lyrics and info of Tyrant Tea Club. 120.000 Lyrics of Music Groups for free to download

Fuckin' day
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So the world it spins in circles
and your mind is hanginī upside down
just one thing left and thatīs your imagination
sure without it you would drown

Why does it have to be that way?
What went wrong that fuckinī day?

You say you dance on coals in a summerīs night
say you skate on razor-blades,
you say you walk on thin thin ice
youīve gotta choose your way of life
there are lots of paths that you can walk on
but there ainīt no compromise

Why does it have to be this way?
What went wrong that fuckinī day?

You know itīs sure the sun will rise
yes I am certain the moon and stars too,
will survive just carry on and donīt betray
donīt you realize Iīm thinking of what Iīve got to say
thinking of what I just have tried
you feel itīs wrong but they say no itīs right

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