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Wake up (to the radio) Lyrics. Music, Mp3 Lyrics and info of Tyrant Tea Club. 120.000 Lyrics of Music Groups for free to download

Wake up (to the radio)
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8 o'clock in the morning,
I still hide my tired head
right beneath my pillow,
so the sun won't get a grip
then the radio starts playing
I hear Janis sing her song
'bout a guy named Bobby
and about how to get away,
well I'd just like to stay and

wake up to the radio

9 o'clock, still tired,
put some coffee down my throat
listening to the weather forecast,
listening to those 'weather gods'
yeah they say it's getting cloudy,
and they say it's goin' to rain
although the sun is shining,
man I just love to

wake up to the radio

pollution news during coffee break
and afterwards 'every breath you take'

wake up to the radio

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