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Logitech PlayGear Street Case
The PlayGear Street is a well designed PSP case which allows you to carry your PSP, three UMDs and four Memory Stick Duos. The shell of the case is made of polycarbonate, which protects the interior contents from everyday bumps and scratches. This case features an adjustable strap that allows it to be carried across oneís chest, as a shoulder bag or attached to a backpack. It has easy access to the headphone jack and built-in cord management to help prevent tangles.

Logic3 Sound System for PSP
The Sound System for PSP from Logic3 is a dual portable 2.1 speaker system and recharging docking station. As the PSP rests in the cradle between two speakers, a quality amplifier, deep bass sub-woofer and 3D surround sound processor combine to produce a solid sound experience for gamers. The PSP is recharged through the cradle via either an included AC adapter or 4 AA batteries. The Sound System for PSP includes a 3.5mm stereo line-in for audio devices to output sound through the speakers.

SanDisk Memory Stick Pro Duo Gaming Cards
To get the most out of your PSP, you need a Memory Stick Pro Duo card which can not only save your game levels, characters and game skins, but also still have room for digital music, digital photos and movies. The SanDisk Memory Stick Pro Duo Gaming Cards, which come in a variety of bright colors, offer storage amounts of 128MB (pink), 256MB (orange), 512MB (green), 1GB (yellow) and 2GB (blue).

Nyko Theater Experience for PSP Case
This unique case for the PSP is made of black brushed aluminum and combines several functions. The Theater Experience has a rechargeable battery that adds up to seven hours of playtime on top of the PSPís battery. It can recharge the PSP several times before needing to be charged it self. The case has an angled stand to provide a better viewing angle for the screen. Sound needs are fulfilled via two built-in, hi-fi stereo speakers and dual headphone jacks. It also has an audio line in port.

Logitech PlayGear Mod Headphones
The Logitech PlayGear Mod headphones are designed to compliment the PSPís look while at the same time putting out a quality sound. The behind the ear design has 30mm neodymium drivers which are highly responsive and deliver a rich listening experience. The headphones are both durable and water resistant and feature detachable comfort rings designed to keep the headphones extra secure during active use.

Mad Catz PSP Mobile Kit
If you are looking for an all-in-one kit which gives you all the necessary PSP accessories, consider Mad Catzís PSP Mobile Kit. Provided in this kit is a form fitting leather case with secure flap close and a belt loop, four removable screen covers, a screen cleaning cloth, a portable battery pack which uses four AAA batteries to provide extra power, a car power adapter with six foot extension cord, quality headphones, 12 colored UMD cases and a USB cable for connecting your PSP to a computer.

Logitech PlayGear Pocket Case
The PlayGear Pocket case from Logitech surrounds the PSP in a polycarbonate armored shell. It provides access to the PSPís shoulder triggers, allowing for gaming to occur without removing the case. A headphone access port provides for ease of connection to headphones, while the PlayGear Pocketís adjustable 270-degree lid can be used to either protect the PSPís screen from the sunís glare or as a stand for watching movies.

Nyko Screen Armor for PSP
The Screen Armor for the PSP from Nyko does one thing: protect the PSPís fragile screen from scratches, dust, dirt and fingerprints. It is made of brushed aluminum and attaches to the face of the PSP via two locking clips, which can be later folded for easy storage. The underside of the Screen Armor is rubberized, helping to keep the screen in pristine condition.

PSP Headset
A sleek accessory for use with today's hottest PSP titles, the PSP Headset offers communication features for all compatible titles.

Extended Life Battery
Utilize the Battery Pack for even longer hours (up to 20% more) of portable entertainment.
Specs: 3.6V/2200mAh

Headphones with Remote Control (White)
Listen to your games, movies and music wherever you want with the sleek PlayStationģPortable headphones with Remote Control.
Specs: inner-ear headphones, functions for play, pause, FF, FR, volume, hold

Battery Charger
Charge your PlayStationģ Portable battery outside the system with this convenient Battery Charger.

Car Adaptor
Take a trip with your PlayStation Portable and the Car Adaptor, and enjoy your entertainment on your terms.

AC Adaptor
The AC Adaptor allows you to charge your PlayStationģPortable.


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